Maggie Harris is an Australian girl, born and raised in suburbia. She currently lives on the Gold Coast in Queensland and spends her days drinking tea and dreaming, and just generally wishing she was elsewhere. She’s an atheist, a left-wing libertarian and proponent of marriage equality who, at times, studies religion and pays student loans on degrees she never finished.

While her day job pays the bills, it’s really not anything to write home about. So, she travels when she can. The problem is, she hates to plan. She tends to jump on a plane to ‘see what happens’ at the other end.

Otherness is a collection of tales from her travels. Some of these tales are delightful. Some are sad. Some are hilarious (she thinks). Many of them involve a great deal of stupidity. She hopes it makes for interesting reading, at least. If nothing else, she can laugh in hindsight at all of her escapades.

Being less than prepared hasn’t killed her yet. But give it time. May her headstone read:

‘Well, that was interesting…’